Synaesthesia for Successors

I was looking at an adorable grey bunny a friend of mine sent to me when I decided to peruse the other photos in the photographer’s quarry of images. Mostly fuzzy bunnies, but a few easter eggs strewn in there as well. That was confusing: pictures of bunnies and then all-of-a-sudden–a nest of eggs! I totally think of bunnies laying on eggs, and it just doesn’t make any sense. Goddamned commercials… Anyway, bored, I decided to try and look for better pictures, relevant pictures, pictures of beautiful faraway lands, pictures of the most wonderful place I could think of: pictures of eastern Europe.

Haply, I came upon some, and was enchanted as usual. I love eastern European architecture. It comes right out of nature, out of fairy tale books. This is probably an exaggeration, but this is of course coming from someone who lives in America who sees swathes of forest clear cut just to build a mini-metropolis, with faggy little “ornamental” trees propped up in cement containers, only to die in the following winter, just to be replaced again in spring. Incredible! But I digress.

One particularly moving photo was that of a still river in autumn, rust-brown leaves covering the ground, and misty-green lichen climbing up the oak trees on the riverbank’s edge. The way the picture made me feel, the smells it evoked, and the intellectual sensation of cool-warm damp soft stillness–I had to know how to describe it. I sought to find how to describe the sensations it drew out of me. Somehow, I came upon “synaesthesia”, and boy, was I floored by all of the research being done in this field. This is one of the truly pioneering fields of the human mind.

For one cool cat in the field, check out:

Now, I don’t think myself a synaesthete, but I “see” where they’re coming from. It makes so much sense that humans would develop senses that overlapped and provided an almost new world in just providing a different experience of the world we already exist in. I ask you: is it not a profound experience when one’s senses interweave during a hallucinogenic-induced “trip”? Is that profundity not tied to the fact that one is coming to a truer more intimate understanding of the universe’s yet undiscerned, unlearned secret language? It just seems like the right way for our progeny to develop, and I cannot help but herald it’s coming. I deem it good.


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