Monthly Archives: September 2008

Trudging on

So clearly I fell off board there for a moment. Caught the tail end of the reins though, and I’m still dragging along (trudging seems to indicate being on one’s own two feet, but I don’t really think I’m there yet so “dragging” is a fitting term).

I’ve been having this strange sensation urging me to go in the direction of publishing or communications. Believe it or not, I don’t expect anyone to read this blog, so the thought of going into publishing should come a somewhat a surprise. And in all of my self-conscious doubt (and one other not-so-small reason iterated further on), communications isn’t quite the right fit either. But something behind-the-scenes–would that not do? I’m hoping that there’s something that would work for me there, so I’m going to keep my ears open to what the universe has to suggest at the moment. Suggestions, Universe?

As for the publishing, I need to read more before I try and write something. I’m considering ::ssshhhh:: gay erotica, but don’t have much of a foundation considering I’m a heterosexual whose current sexual exploits only boast the inverted missionary at most decadent. Oh trust me–I’m up for more, but that’s not in the cards at the moment. So I might as well just write out those imaginary exploits for others to enjoy. I’m not sure which to choose first, however: dudes or chicks? Whichever there isn’t enough of on the market I’m thinking. I’d be happy doing either. I mean “writing” either. Writing.

All of this obviously relates to my earlier post about aspirations, and it is largely due to my notes-to-self drafted between my last post and now. In review of my childhood experiences, I found that I’ve always enjoyed things in the field of communication, so perhaps this was an avenue not adequately explored. In large part, my current disdain of the field stemmed from a latent aversion to a large lesbian chick who was rather fond of hating me–a communications major, needless to say. Funny how I cared very little at the time, but how being the source of someone else’s irritation was so…irritating, in the long run at least. In retrospect, I don’t think I ever did a thing to really irk you or your girlfriend, so fuck you Tamika. (Sorry Jeni, I know you like them, but truly, I haven’t the foggiest idea why).

So if I get any good snippets for this writing I’m planning on, I’ll post them here. Perhaps you’d like a good lesbiana scene Markface? I’m sure Jeni would!