New Finds

Touching base with the blog again. Probably shouldn’t refer to it so overtly, it’s like Noel talking about the fact that he’s singing a song, but what the hell, might as well, eh? In fact, it’s a near-miracle I’m saying anything at all at the moment, but lacking input yields lacking output, know what I mean? Unless you’re the virgin Mary (now is that a capital “V” or not?)…

On a new musical note, I’ve just discovered Morrissey. Yes, I’m 27, I was once a fan of The Cure and pre-’93 South Street in Philly, and I’m just discovering Morrissey. Fuck off if you don’t like it! (that’s said in jest–if you’re reading this I’d never want you to fuck off, unless you have a problem with what I say. Then you can still fuck off.)

So, yeah, back to Morrissey. He’s apparently queer, or slightly beyond queer–maybe queer^2? As you know, I’m cool with that. Your sexuality is fine with me–it’s up to you, so long as it’s with a consenting adult/young adult 16 or above, or another consenting mammal, preferably live. He said a few things about sexuality that piqued my interest, most notably a contention which I also subscribe to regarding the categorization of sexualities. I read it on Wiki so I’m not going to bother quoting it, because it’s hardly quotable in its miniscule form. But basically, he’s beyond hetero, homo, and bi-sexual. He’s also not much of a tranny, I expect either. I appreciate the tedium he admits with cosigning oneself to but one gender in terms of finding sexual gratification; he says all humans have the same sexual needs, which is exceptionally true, at least when we’re talking about relatively normal ones that don’t delve into pedophilia or other weirdness like scat and the like.

Sexual liberalism = A+. Go Team Morrissey!


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