Kafka’s "Confidence Trickster"

I thought I knew what the gist was of Kafka’s Confidence Trickster, but only recently came to understand it fully. It’s such a weird phrase for me, such an odd appellation, that I couldn’t quite get my head around the term. I moved on from the story without gleaning the full meaning, but was intrigued and interested in it nevertheless.

Later, in looking up whether or not a particular word I wanted to use for a story I’m writing was actually a word (“grift”), I found that one who engages in grift is also in fact a “confidence trickster”! Who knew? Knowing the meaning of one led me to find the synonymical appellative phrase elsewhere! Good thing, too–opened up a whole new world of meaning to Kafka’s insane little story–of course you should run away from a grifter! Speaking of which–the story that is–I’ll have to start transferring the stuff I write on paper to this electronic medium. I wrote a bit on Kafka and Lovecraft that I think may do well online…

See you soon!


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