Born Free

I’m not sure how many people develop into truly free beings, but I think the overwhelming majority of those who are free, are born that way, or to be fair, at least are made so very early on.

My Aunt Joan is one of them. From my mother’s retellings of their youth she has been free of the fetters of conventionality from the very beginning, and based on her own self-assessment I think it’s safe to say that she’s operating on a whole ‘nother level.

My respect for this woman has only grown as the years have passed, as I hope is the case with everyone. I fear that many people lose respect for their family as the years pass, but perhaps this is just in the years of adolescence. I would imagine so. Haply, I only lost respect for myself as the years passed, but my respect for family has been ever on the up; now if I can only get the self-respect on the increase we’ll be going in the right direction!

But back to my aunt: she’s crazy free, and her freedom inspires me. Jeg elsker dig, Joan.


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