Flesh Rending

I have a habit that most of society probably wouldn’t look well upon–several of those really–but the one I am specifically referring to is that of pinching off little nips of flesh from my body. It’s always for a reason–ingrown hairs, comedones, itchy bumps, embedded splinters, fangs, cactus needles, fiberglass… I just like to get things out that don’t belong there.

Some people find my medieval means of removal appalling; I find it a practice unworthy of comment–simply because it is an end to achieving a simple, necessary goal: removal of the unwanted.

Plato, or perhaps moreso his mentor, Socrates, once likened the democratic entity of Athens unto a human body. If that analogy could be put in reverse with my body as a point of comparison, I wonder what that society would look like?

What other things that cause the body harm or useless, meaningless discomfort do you think we could perhaps get rid of with a similar simplicity and with not an ounce of regret?


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