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Is it just me…

or does Zach Galifianakis look exactly like Ryan Pardey?


Polyamory: My Kind of Mix-Up

As a woman fully involved in her professional life, I find that there is precious little time for a relationship in the few hours of my waking personal life. This being the case, I had better find a relationship wherein I am in constant contact with my significant other at work, not have a job, or have a relationship that can be figured into the 5 hours after work and before bed. That’s like a part-time relationship, and an ideal one for someone like me.

I figure if someone else is taking care of my dear one in the other 5 hours they have available that dovetails with my own timeframe, we might be one of the happiest trios on the planet–especially if I get some gratification from the arrangement. What could be better?

Shame it’s so hard to find people who think of this as an acceptable alternative to the stress and monotony of monogamy. But I believe that in this time-deprived world we’re working in we’re going to start to see more relationships evolving on this order. Especially with the rise of the “me-now” culture–who has time to take care of me [you], and particularly at this moment now?

Human affection will be the next time-share fad. Count me in.