Angel’s Harp: String, the First

Excerpt from Angel’s Harp

Jacob’s favorite part of his unofficial surgical internship was slicing through the upper layers of the epidermis and past the fatty tissue of the patient’s arm, down between the twin swells of the bicep and deltoid muscles in the valley closest to the bone. It just looked right. Purely anatomical. Like he was meant to expose this exquisite inner part of the body and show how lovely the bones beneath truly were.

So it kind of developed into an artform: after meticulously removing the flesh-sheath of the rest of the arm and moving on to the torso, how best would he expose the meshed musculature of the back–should he leave the back intact, or do away with it altogether? He could just leave the trapezius and remove all of the latissimus… ‘Yes…yes, that would be most aesthetic,’ he one day resolved after a gazing minute.

He never kept the specimens alive for this–not after that first and last attempt. Besides, the blood loss alone would have been enough to quell any lingering consciousness the lethal amounts of propofol he’d administered hadn’t already extinguished. And the beautiful boys and girls who gave themselves over to his artistry should not be made to suffer. No matter how much he would have liked to see one of his creations actually animated, the disembowelment invariably resulted in permanent unresponsiveness.


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