So I’m a little torn at the moment–on whether to buy a small condo just for lil ole me or a full size 6 bedroom house on the outskirts of the Atlantic City ghetto. The house, believe it or not, would actually be cheaper…

The reasons for a 6-bedroom house first:
1: It has enough rooms to accomodate my entire family if they need to come live with me

2: It has an attic I can live in

3: It’s close to work

4: It’s cheap

The reasons for a 1 to 2 bedroom condo:
1: I worry about the condo and nothing else

2: They tend to be newer, more up to date

3: Not in the ghetto

4: Can get one with a view of the ocean

Most people underestimate the imporance I put upon the family thing. It’s very very important to me that I be available for my family. I would be quite griefstricken if the family lost the house and I had no place for them to go. I would not be able to abide it–I would lose my own belongings before my mother was out on the street.

On a separate note, I really wish I could play the piano. I love pianistry–I wish I had the leisure of learning and playing in my free time. Blessed are they whose families were able to train their children in this art; while they may not have understood what the fruits of their labor would one day be, I’m sure many of them came to the realization after their entry into the adult world.

The same thing for braces. That’s something you have to be thankful for, you children of privelege. Be grateful!


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