Monthly Archives: July 2012


So that job I was talking about all those months ago–you know, the life-sucking one that had me ready to jump ship? Well, things didn’t work out and came to an end in Q1FY12. Three years was a good run, though–can’t say I didn’t try! But the one good thing about it is that I have time to think now–not blindly react to all of the world spinning so wildly around me.

So now, onward! My intentions of figuring out what my core interests are have not gotten me far, but I have come up with one hell of a list of names, and it’s still growing. I had to get a thought map in order to keep my concepts in some sort of organization, but I’m still getting the hang of this VUE mapper, so the going is a little rough.

It all comes down to Arts & Entertainment though. At least I know this much. For now. I’m yet to build upon the 3rd branch, which will inevitably lead me down the path of eco-interests, and then the map explodes! I need the Time Bandits’ map. That would do the trick.


Why Nick Drake is so great

Bluesy, folksy, indy, classy. The River Man overfloweth with variety and charm, like a New England antique shoppe or an outdoor Parisian market.

“I was born to love no one, no one to love me…
I was made to love magic, all its wonder to know,
But you all lost that magic a long, long time ago…”

It makes one wonder: who is “you”? Was it he, Nick Drake himself, speaking as a 3rd party, “Nick Drake”, to the original self? Was it he, Nick Drake, the prodigal Fruit Tree, talking to we on-lookers to far in the future? Was it all of us, the Fruit Tree and the Bad Seeds, who lost the magic under the eyes of an omniscient watcher? Who lost the magic if he was made to love it? Does he not love himself? Does he not love us? Nick Drake. A fig tree in the forest. Won’t you walk by and take a bite?