Man-Boy Communal Life

That title scares me, too–don’t worry, you’re not alone! But it’s not about anything even remotely related to what I have ambiguously titled for trolling effect. No friends, I am in no way suggesting any endorsement of the bane of my existence (paedophilia), but rather, bringing a much needed clarion call to the occurrence of communal living amongst the quickly ageing Gen-Xers as brought to the fore in this article on the NY Times, A Confederacy of Bachelors. Or whatever other generation is now entering its late thirties early forties. (Who are we, anyway? Deep question, eh?)

Never having gone to boarding school or long-term summer camp, I always wanted to live in a commune or some other sort of friend-house-dorm place. In a way I guess I’m kinda like one of the Confederate Bachelor guys, just… not a guy. Much to my chagrin, I don’t know any other women who are even considering this sort of lifestyle as a possibility, which could be because we women as a species have a kind of foresight regarding how the lifestyle could possibly not end well. Or it’s because we’re baby-crazy breeders who need their own individual nests! No nest sharing! (Just kidding. We can share nests. (No, actually, we can’t. This is MY nest. Go get your own.))

So the article made me wonder how many others are interested in this sort of lifestyle while being romantically involved with someone on a long-term basis. Luckily enough, I’ve collected a few emailed links regarding this phenomenon, emails which I’ve sent to my hubby on days that he doesn’t put ANYTHING away–dirty socks, half-eaten food, a gallon of milk, dirty dishes, whatever–to kind of hint that maybe, just maybe, we’d be better off loving each other while living in separate spaces.

While no one talks about being ok living with other people simultaneous to being married (unless Peace Corps and Teach for America counts), they do talk about “married living separately” “commuter marriages” and ‘loving and living alone‘. Would that I could finally drill this point home! But alas, I’m bound to a traditionalist from Eastern Europe; I don’t think it’ll be that easy to get my way with this one.

No matter what you call it, I think that it’ll catch on with the mainstream eventually. At least I hope it will. It’s my heart’s aim!

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