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Bad Girls My @$$

An initial response after my first exposure to the Oxygen TV series “Bad Girls”:

[begin incensed tirade]
I don’t have cable or satellite TV, so I’m cut off from the world a bit. I read global & local news, keep myself generally informed about film & emtertainment, even watch a Funny or Die clip when I’m so inclined. However, last night I attended a small family celebration where I sat through 30 minutes of cable-borne disbelief & revulsion.

Never in my life have I seen anything so disgusting and degrading to women as the show “Bad Girls” (mind you, I’ve not purchased a Girls Gone Wild video either, so perhaps there is something worse? I doubt it could be worse than BG, but I’m not buying that to confirm). Yes, last night my little brother put it on TV to enlighten my ignorance on the ways of the world, and OMG–I don’t know how the FCC permits it.

These female humans–for neither the cast NOR the catty hosts qualify as ‘women’ insofar as they are shown on film for this “show”–embody NONE of the solemn dignity of womanhood, the proud strength of feminism, the enduring grace of black & minority Americana, and just in general show no basic human decency.

This show, my friends, is an affront to everything our predecessors–male female, black white brown yellow, native born or FOB–have fought for. This “show” is a disgrace to America, to women & men, to blacks and whites, to anyone with a working brain & moral compass. It is vile, putrid filth and it will corrupt the minds of children and/or young people who watch it. And this isn’t coming from the Christian Coalition–this is just an average American who dipped her toe into the stream of cable programming for a fraction of a day.

Therefore, I urge everyone alive and breathing, not to watch this debacle of a show, and insofar as possible to urge those you care for also not to watch it. In fact, even it it’s someone you don’t care for–if it’s someone you HATE to the bone–even then, pressure them against watching it, because it isn’t even something your worst enemy should be subject to.

Whew. Ok, I’m done.