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BLOP: The Dunwich Horror

This… this was some truly terrible, terrible stuff. And I LOVED it!

70’s cinematic jewel The Dunwich Horror features one of U.S. film’s sexy old-heads, Dean Stockwell (who incidentally does a lot of visual art) and a bunch of other fairly bad actors & actresses. I cannot deny how entranced I was by Stockwell’s performance. IF you dare to join me in revisiting it, get ready for some bedroom eyes, lads & lasses–and a sultry pillow-talk voice to match.

Lovecraft–though I believe he may have been a terrible anti-Semite and misogynist–had some crazy stories to tell!

That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

– Necronomicon, HP Lovecraft

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Here’s a BLast frOm the Not sO receNt paSt: John Q.


This film I bring up in light of the current political – economic – healthcare crisis (a.k.a. #Obamacare) which everyone is up in arms about. This is a film I have a hunch that most people will say the following about: his son got the short end of the stick and he took matters into his own hands. Well, regardless of what “they” say, that’s all immaterial.


What’s important is the fact that this film proved to me that I am VERY special. Howso?


I was the SOLE audience member who burst out laughing within the first 5 minutes when the hot blonde in the Mercedes–listening to the Flower Duet or some other regal operatic or symphonic piece–met face to face with a Mack truck. How was that scene not pure comedy gold? People need to lighten up a bit. All I got that day was scowls… 😦

Vulva Power

Vulva Power

I cannot express how relieving it is, just to see a vagina in its natural state. As someone who deals with their own on a daily basis, but also worries about my nieces’ vaginas, friends’ vaginas, and even complete strangers’ vaginas, I can lose the forest for the trees. It becomes detached from reality, transforming into a symbol, rather than the very real thing that it is: a vulva. Thankfully, The Reticulated Writer brought us Vag, and lots of it.

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